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Adult's Courses on Horses

Kid's After School Courses On Horses

Horsey Homeschooling

Hurricanes took off a
roof, flooded the barns;
we need to sell some
horses!  NOW.  To make
room for repairs.  Prices
on our 2yr olds &
yearlings are at rock
bottom...They need DRY
homes now.

Courses on Horses

Adult's Courses on Horses:

DATE:             TIME:                 COURSES ON HORSES TOPIC:
Fri 9/3             6:30 pm                Peak Performance Training.  Geoffrey Wight speaks on
                                                   sports psychology, being in the Zone and winning
Sat 9/18          10am - 12             
Bits, Bridles & Martingales.  This 2 hour course is a
                                                   show and tell for different types of bits and their uses, how
                                                   to teach a horse to accept the bridle as well as fitting of the
                                                   bridle, the use of different types of nosebands and
                                                   martingales and the reasons to use them.
Sun 9/19         2pm - 4pm           
Foal Handling
Sat 9/25           10am - 12            Stable Management – Tricks of The Trade  How to
                                                  manage stables efficiently and effectively.
Sun 9/26          2pm - 4pm          
Learning to Ride Well
Sat 10/2           10am - 12            Teaching Your Horse Ground Manners
Sun 10/3          2pm - 4pm          Equinomics – The Economics of Horses, Buying,
                                                   Care  & Costs
Sat 10/9           10am - 12             TBA
Sun 10/10        2pm - 4pm          What is Dressage?
Sat 10/16         10am - 12            Horse Care 101 – Nutrition
Sun 10/17        2pm - 4pm          Ground Schooling – Preparing a Young Horse For
Sat 10/23         10am - 12            Hunter & Dressage Mane Braiding
Sun 10/24        2pm - 4pm          Why Dressage For All Horses ?
Sat 10/30         10am - 12            Clipping Your Horse
Sun 10/31        2pm - 4pm          Saddle & Bridle Care
Sat 11/6           10am - 12            Dressage Basics
Sun 11/7          2pm - 4pm          Horse Grooming – Manes & Tails
Sat 11/13         10am - 12            Leg Protection & Bandaging Techniques
Sun 11/14        2pm - 4pm          Horse Care 102 - What the Veterinarian Says
Sat 11/20          10am - 12           A Farrier's Perspective on Horseshoes
Sun 11/21         2pm - 4pm         TBA

***  All Schedules Are Subject To Change

Courses on Horses is designed as a series of fun and interactive clinics where
participants get to
socialize with other "horse people," meet new friends and learn
something equine at the same time, all in a relaxed atmosphere.  Think of your
neighborhood coffee shop with a horsey twist!  Our Courses are hands-on, so don't plan
on sitting around listening to a lecture.  Come on by to enjoy some refreshments, fun, and
a horsey good time!  

Kid's After School Courses On Horses:

DATE:             TIME:                    COURSES ON HORSES TOPIC:
Tu 9/21        5:30pm - 7:30              Bits, Bridles & Martingales.
Tu 9/28        5:30pm - 7:30              Basic Horse Sense for a Beginning Rider
Tu 10/5        5:30pm - 7:30              Learning to Ride Well
Tu 10/12      5:30pm - 7:30              What is Dressage?
Tu 10/19      5:30pm - 7:30              Saddle & Bridle Care
Tu 10/26      5:30pm - 7:30              Bits, Bridles & Martingales
Tu 11/2        5:30pm - 7:30              Leg Protection & Bandaging Techniques
Tu 11/9        5:30pm - 7:30              Horse Grooming – Manes & Tails
Tu 11/16      5:30pm - 7:30              Horse Care 101 - Topic TBA

***  All Schedules Are Subject To Change

Horsey Homeschooling:

DATE:             TIME:                        COURSES ON HORSES TOPIC:
Fri 9/24        noon - 2pm                     Bits, Bridles & Martingales.
Fri 10/1        noon - 2pm                     Basic Horse Sense for a Beginning Rider
Fri 10/8        noon - 2pm                     Learning to Ride Well
Fri 10/15      noon - 2pm                     What is Dressage?
Fri 10/22      noon - 2pm                     Saddle & Bridle Care
Fri 10/29      noon - 2pm                     Bits, Bridles & Martingales
Fri 11/5        noon - 2pm                     Leg Protection & Bandaging Techniques
Fri 11/12      noon - 2pm                     Horse Grooming – Manes & Tails
Fri 11/19      noon - 2pm                     Horse Care 101 - Topic TBA

***  All Schedules Are Subject To Change

Please phone or e-mail Aux Chevaux to RSVP.
We need to know how much food & drink to provide.

Fees are $20 for Adults, $10 for Kids/Homeschooling - Per Course - Pay at the door.

Please provide feedback on the courses you’d like to attend or
what you’d like to learn that is not currently on schedule.

Thank you!

Working Student Opportunities Available.

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